More Birmingham residents eligible for free lung check up

The programme launched in November 2022, with many residents in Washwood Heath immediately taking up the opportunity, along with thousands of others around the country. Fatima attended her local lung health check in Small Heath. “I was little worried about having the check but I didn’t need to be. It was really quick and easy. I even had my scan in a mobile CT truck in the Asda car park in Small Heath! “I was so relieved when I got the all clear. It feels really reassuring to know my lungs are ok so I’d encourage anyone to have the check if they can. Don’t ignore the letter even if you feel well because you just don’t know. It’s always best to check and make sure everything is ok.”

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Residents in Shard End and Kitts Green can now benefit from a free targeted lung health check to make sure their lungs are healthy. Targeted lung health checks are a simple check-up to see how well your lungs are working. They are currently available to people aged 55-74, who have ever smoked and are registered to a GP practice in the region. Those eligible will receive a letter from NHS inviting them to an appointment. Most people who attend a lung health check will receive a clean bill of health and those that do feel very reassured. One of the main aims of the lung health check however, is to diagnose lung cancer at the earliest opportunity.

Lung cancer is a major issue in Birmingham and Solihull, with local incidence above that of the national average. Across the region over 45% of patients are presenting with late stage cancers (stage 3 and 4) or as an emergency presentation, when curative treatment is often no longer possible. In comparison, the Targeted Lung Health Check programme is seeing a 77% early detection rate (stage 1 and 2).